Mississippi State Bulldogs

Let’s go Dawgs!!! So proud of this team! This is my Moment of the Day because I am so excited for my husband!! He has been a loyal fan of Mississippi State since the day he moved on campus!! I am rooting for them to win today!

miss state bulldogs

My baby is not a Fiat!!

While driving along the coast this week a scooter pulled up next to us. I could hear the two men talking to each other and one of them said, I love the colors on this Fiat. Without thinking, I hung my head out the window and said, WHAT?! This is NOT a Fiat! That is rude!! Then my family and I laughed our bums off. The two on the scooter pulled up again at the next light and the young man looked over at us and mouthed, sorry, my bad!

It was really funny. A great highlight for our trip.

Mini Cooper Green Racing Stripes

Baby was happy to finally make it to the Beach so I had to pull over and take a photo!! What do you think of her new lime racing stripes!?

Moment of the Day

My husband asked the girls to get their shoes on so they can ride bikes and go to the park. My four year old puts her finger to her lip in her “I’m thinking pose” and finally says, “That’s a long way, let’s take the barbie jeep”.

Daddy won…