Enter to win these Sweet Notes

I am a huge believer in snail mail. I always have been. I am addicted to anything paper and pen related. Right now, at this very moment I  have 3 journals, a box of colored pencils, 4 different pens and two note pads on my desk! And don’t get me started on the stickers!

These cards were designed for my ChemoAngel friends. As a volunteer with ChemoAngels, you send two cards per week to a chemo buddy going through IV Chemotherapy. It can be costly and difficult to find new cards to send. I designed these with my buddies and my ChemoAngel friends in mind. 100% of proceeds ($5 per set) being donated to ChemoAngels.

ChemoAngels Cards

Now you can enter to win some for yourself. These are great, bold cards perfect for any occasion that comes up! It’s always great to have a few cards on hand!

Enter to win here. You’ll be send to my old blog. For some reason WordPress doesn’t like Rafflecopter.

Thank you friends!!



ChemoAngels Summer Notecards

ChemoAngels Summer Notecards

Here is a new set of notecards to support ChemoAngels. 100% of the profit goes toward ChemoAngels which is $5 from each set purchased. I am printing 100 sets so if we sell all 100, that is $500 to ChemoAngels. Please consider purchasing and sharing the link on your wall for friends and family. These are perfect for anyone.

Chemo Angels Needs Your Support

I have been a volunteer with ChemoAngels for the past 10 years. I have been a card angel, a gift angel, a senior angel and even and admin angel. It is the true art of letter writing put to work! An angel in this program writes weekly letters to a patient going through IV Chemotherapy. It’s a great way to offer support and encouragement on their journey to good health.

March is ChemoAngels official fund’s drive. When so many other non-profits are requesting money through the mail and sending you free labels to give them a donation, ChemoAngels spends their money on the patients. They do not pay their staff and can survive on a small budget of $5,000 a year.  This non-profit is HEART DRIVEN! Please consider donating by clicking this link.

You know it has been a good day when…

You come home with these fabulous finds!! I am in love with all things ink. It is by far the greatest gift anyone can give me. Santa generally always gives me fun sharpies in my stocking.

I love writing letters to friends and family. I also write to my chemo buddy twice a week so it’s great to have new, fun colors to use when I write her notes. If you’ve never heard of ChemoAngels and you love sending snail mail, you should check them out.

Help us donate to ChemoAngels

As some of you know, Belle Announcements will be donating 5% of all sales in 2012 to ChemoAngels. Help me donate an additional $50 to ChemoAngels. You can do this by helping Belle reach 500 fans. I have been hovering at just below for ages and its time to go over the hill!!

If you have purchased from me, please consider writing a recommendation on my wall.  The option is on the right. This lets your friends and family know that you’ve seen my work first hand and approve 100%!

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I really appreciate all our fans, clients and friends! You rock!!

Donations made by Belle Announcements

Belle Announcements is proud to donate 10% of our profits to a few small non-profit organizations including Brock Rocks and ChemoAngels. We have recently jumped on board with First Book North Alabama

First Book North Alabama was formed in April of this year and is “committed to making a difference in the lives of children right here in the Tennessee Valley”. It is shocking and sad that there are homes with no books at all. One of the cutest things my 16 month old does right now is read books with us. She selects a book from the shelf, plops down in our lap and turns the pages. When the book is done, she gets up for another one until we have a pile of 15 books next to us. If you sit on the floor with her, she will let you read to her for hours. It is my desire and the desire of Belle Announcements to bring that joy to all children,

Here is a card design that we printed on folded cardstock for First Book North Alabama. While we would love to take the credit for the design, it was designed by Mecca M. 

We thank Mecca and the First Book North Alabama for giving us the opportunity to work with you and we look forward to the continued events!

“Unbelievably gorgeous cards for our non profit!  Belle Announcements was kind enough to donate their time and considerable design skills to turn our rough idea into beautiful thank you cards for our sponsors.  The cards are so appreciated, thank you Belle Announcements for your beautiful work!  We tell everyone we know about Belle Announcements!”  – Mecca M. for First Book North Alabama.