Karma is a funny thing

So remember last year, Abigail’s softball team made it to the final championship and we had to win both of the last 2 games to win? We batted first, the first game with the rule being we would be batting last the second game . If we won of course…

Then…we WON… which no one expected us to do. Thanks, the league president even had the nerve to say that to my husband, the pitching coach!

Then while our girls are getting ready for game 2, the League President decided that that rule was no longer in affect and the other team got to bat last… again.

So we lost that game…

After it went into overtime (which it isn’t supposed to do) until they finally won at last bat.

It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Seriously, it was like something out of a movie plot. I had no idea grown adults behaved this way in 8U sports.

So I am enjoying this small bit of karma right here… I don’t know what he did. He may even be innocent (for his family and his school, I sincerely hope he is), but the fact that he is being investigated and hopefully being given hell, gives me some small bit of pleasure. I know, I am a terrible person for feeling this way but mama bear is still pretty ticked that her girl had to see this sort of ridiculous crap at 8U softball.

Original post from last summer can be found here.

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