Enter to win these Sweet Notes

I am a huge believer in snail mail. I always have been. I am addicted to anything paper and pen related. Right now, at this very moment I  have 3 journals, a box of colored pencils, 4 different pens and two note pads on my desk! And don’t get me started on the stickers!

These cards were designed for my ChemoAngel friends. As a volunteer with ChemoAngels, you send two cards per week to a chemo buddy going through IV Chemotherapy. It can be costly and difficult to find new cards to send. I designed these with my buddies and my ChemoAngel friends in mind. 100% of proceeds ($5 per set) being donated to ChemoAngels.

ChemoAngels Cards

Now you can enter to win some for yourself. These are great, bold cards perfect for any occasion that comes up! It’s always great to have a few cards on hand!

Enter to win here. You’ll be send to my old blog. For some reason WordPress doesn’t like Rafflecopter.

Thank you friends!!



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