Day 3 Recap and 3-Day Refresh Results

Let me start by saying, I am an average gal. I weighed 162.5 when I started and I am 5’4″. I spent Nov 2010 –  Jan 2013 running 10 half marathons. I loved it! I am not a gym person. I do not love bootcamp style workouts. I took most of 2013 and all of this year off from running. Training for that long to run those races finally burned me out. I instantly gained about 12 lbs. At my peak performance as a runner I weighed 141 lbs.

I signed up as a Challenger with Alicia Tanner, a Beach Body Coach, in May. What I liked about her and the product I chose to work with is that when I made poor food choices, instead of only telling me what I was doing wrong, she would make positive suggestions.

I chose to do the Pump workout. I felt like I would stick to it the best. I LOVE it. I also love the Shakeology and I lost about 3 lbs from May to June using the products. So I decided to do the 3-Day Refresh to help kickstart my body. I am telling you about myself because I do not lose weight easily and I think it’s important to show normal results vs. hardcore fitness results.

That being said, I survived the 3 days. I use the word survive because it was hard. I had a headache on day 2 and day 3. And last night while I laid in bed trying to sleep, my husband could hear my stomach rumbling. It was so hard to fall asleep feeling so hungry! I never felt the energy that others have felt. All I felt was exhaustion.  The foods were delicious though!! The Coconut Veggies were my favorite and will be incorporated into my meal planning. I found the Fiber Sweep easy to drink and the Vanilla Fresh was absolutely delicious! It tasted like I put a birthday cupcake into the blender and drank it! YUM!

I learned to prepare my food ahead of time which is important in making good choices and I found some really great snack combinations that I will use in place of unhealthy choices. I also saw that I didn’t need to eat nearly as much at meals as I tend to.

Time for results – Today I weighed 156.5 lbs!! I lost a total of 6 lbs! I also lost 3 total inches off my body.  Woo hoo!!! So I am super thrilled with the results and I am going to work very hard to keep losing the weight and getting strong and healthy!!

Would I do it again? Absolutely. If I can keep this weight off and continue to get stronger, I would definitely do it again. If I gain it all back in 2 days than no, I probably wouldn’t. Stay Tuned!! I will let you know.


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