Day 1 Recap of my 3-Day Refresh

Day One:

Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  It was hard to get all the water in but I think I did it by bedtime. The Vanilla Fresh is DELICIOUS! It seriously tastes like Birthday Cake to me. I love it!!! The Fiber Sweep is ok. It tastes like lemon but it’s sort of thick so it is difficult to get down. I chugged it as quickly as possible.

I feel pretty good so far. I was a little headachy last night but I think that’s because I chose Decaf Green Tea for the whole three days vs. a morning cup of caff. I admit, I am cheap and I didn’t want to buy a whole box for 1 bag. After day 1, you drink decaf.  I don’t normally drink green tea so I wasn’t sure I would like it. It’s pretty good, it tastes like unsweet black tea. My first glass I poured over ice. The second I drank hot.

For the ladies – I did begin my monthly joy yesterday afternoon so that sort of sucked. Probably another reason for the headache.

I have not felt that spurt of energy yet but I definitely feel really good about my food choices. This has reminded me that I can have healthy snacks. I am terrible about eating granola bars when I get hungry. This has reminded me how much I enjoy fruits and vegetables and how much better my body feels after eating them. I don’t have that bloated, I over indulged feeling!

My initial weigh in was 162.5. If you have an iPhone, get the free app, My Weight. It is great!!

I would post photos but for some reason wordpress is rejected all my images, check out my instagram for daily pics!! instagram/rocketliv.

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