Putting Ink to Paper since 2007

What makes me stand out – I use many different types of ink and cardstock. Orders placed in my store are generally printed on Pearl Cardstock using real liquid ink. This means the ink soaks deeply into the cardstock for a rich finish vs a dry ink process that leaves dots in the colors. However, liquid ink is an expensive process and I understand that there are many types of events out there. Not all of them require such a fancy technique. For that reason I also offer many additional cardstocks, ink and photo paper options. Some store items have a set ink/cardstock. However, when I quote a project for you, I will quote you a basic vs. fancy option so that you can choose the combination that best fits your event and budget.

My favorite cardstock is a 130 lb Pearl stock. It’s sparkly and gorgeous. It’s absolutely stunning and very unique. I also use linen, cotton, matte, bamboo and sometimes glossy. Linen has a classic lined texture. Watercolor has a cotton feel with rounded texture. Matte and Glossy are a thick stock with a smooth surface. Bamboo is an ivory stock that is thick and rustic.

I have fallen in love with a brand new bamboo cardstock and will be offering it on select enclosure cards and stationery designs. It is my thickest cardstock and has a cream color to it. It works great for craft style themes. I have also fallen in love with the very shiny and affordable Metallic photo paper. Some of us send 100+ cards and cardstock is just not an option that every family can choose. Metallic is a fancy photo paper with a shine to it that makes it very unique and festive while still staying affordable.

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