My Challenge to you

My Challenge to you

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is shop the local tourist stores, especially the beach ones! I love buying postcards to send to family and friends. So while in Nashville last weekend, I picked up four postcards from the Aquarium Restaurant. They were sent to my grandmother, my friend in Virginia, my Chemo Buddy and my penguin loving friend in Pennsylvania! They should be arriving today or tomorrow. I love getting the text messages that say, thank you for my postcard!! You’d be amazed what spending 84 cents can do for your friends and family. (50 cent postcard + .34 cent stamp) My grandmother is 80 years old so when she gets a postcard like this from us, it makes her day!

I challenge you to send at least 1 postcard while you are on vacation this year. Most tourist shops will also sell the stamp. GO! And please come back and tell me about it!

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