Clean Eating while on Vacation

We took a weekend trip to Nashville to run the Titans 5K. Who can resist finishing a run on the 50 yard line? Best part?? I got to high five T-Rac! Oh and some football players but let’s be honest, the mascot’s are so much cooler!!  I highly recommend this race. It was a relaxed race with no chip timing and was just a lot of fun. They had Girls on the Run there which I would love to have in Huntsville and so many families running together.

Titans 5k

I was worried that my clean eating would lose to yummy restaurant foods but I am quite proud to say, I did it!! I ate 90% clean the whole weekend.  First, let me say that this may be easier for me than most because I am allergic to milk and eggs. Being that I have those allergies, I have already gotten used to skipping menu items that say cream sauce or breaded. This seriously knocks out about 50% of all menus.

Our first restaurant stop was The Aquarium Restaurant in the Opry Mills Mall. I couldn’t resist eating among the fish.  I ordered the Sauteed Gulf Snapper. This came with lump crab meat, avocado and pico on top of the Snapper plus aquarium rice and seasonal vegetable. I asked that it be grilled so I could avoid the oils and that the vegetable which was green beans not have any butter on them.  It was delicious!!! The crab meat with avocado was surprisingly good and I felt very positive about my food choices. I had good protein, a healthy fat and vegetable!

Our breakfast before the run was oatmeal with walnuts and almonds. Our lunch after the run was at Chuy’s. I had heard so much about this restaurant that I had to try it!  They make fresh salsa and when I say fresh I mean, they put tomatoes, garlic and cilantro in a blender and then pour that into a bowl. It doesn’t have that thick tomato paste taste to it. So I cheated and ate some of the chips.  I did my best to contain myself though!!  I ordered veggie enchilada’s without the cheese. I ate one of the corn enchilada’s and then only the veggies from the second enchilada. I skipped the rice and ate half the refried beans. Not the best meal but vacations are meant to be vacations! I did my best to make great choices and keep portion sizes appropriate.

Additional tips for eating great while on vacation:

  • Avoid cream sauces
  • ask for veggies without butter
  • think grilled for meats and seafood
  • skip the chips or bread that come at the beginning of the meal
  • order a side salad to start your meal so you’ll keep portions down later
  • if they have a half size, choose that, really you don’t need a full size plate I promise
  • choose water to drink
  • skip the pasta restaurants and all you can eat buffets
  • skip dessert

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