Have you shopped my store previously?

Have you shopped my store previously? I imagine you’re quite confused! My new site is about as different from my original site as possible!

I have exciting news! I have moved my store to Etsy, an expansive marketplace for handmade and vintage items. Etsy is now hosting my store so that I can spend less time on web design and more time on your design! When you visit my Belle Announcements website, you can still shop by clicking on “Shop My Designs” on your left.

New this year, I am offering Printable versions of some of my most popular designs! That’s right, you can now purchase a printable jpeg image for $15. You can take advance of this reduced cost “printable” option and print in the comfort of your home office. You can also use the high resolution digital version as an Evite and simply send to all your friends via the internet. Many great money-saving options are now available!

For those that do not want to print their own, you can still purchase designs I have available in my Etsy store. Or you can email me for your custom design! I am dedicated to a quick turnaround time so if you’re last minute shopping, I am here to save the day.

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