Mini Pinata Party Favors

My daughter wanted a pinata at her party, but there were just too many kids coming to the party for this to be a safe option. So I had the grand idea to do a party favor that I found on pinterest… let’s just say the easy step by step directions did not indicate the intense labor that was going to be required to complete the project. But, with great friends and family helping, we successfully made 33 mini Piñata party favors! Did I mention we completed them with only an hour before the party!?

They were time consuming to make but a lot of fun! My daughter was thrilled and all her friends loved them! I did have one mom totally make my day when she called me a Super star and joked that I had set the bar pretty high. She even asked me, “what am I supposed to hand out now? Ipods?!” Hilarious and totally made it all worth it!!

I’ll post a blog tutorial soon for any of you brave enough to try these!

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