Baby Gender Reveal Party

How fun does this sound? The expecting parents have a party with a fabulously decorated cake. You know the one that looks too gorgeous to eat?! Instead of the usual vanilla or chocolate cake, the expecting parents have asked the baker to dye the vanilla cake pink or blue. No one knows the gender until the cake is cut. So the guests spend all night staring at the cake in anticipation of the great reveal! Boy or Girl?

To make the party even more festive, the guests are asked to wear their “team colors.” If they believe it’s a boy, they wear blue and if they believe it’s a girl, they wear pink of course! I want to host one of these! I may have to beg all my pregnant friends, can I please host a gender reveal party!?

So next time you get pregnant, have a hip, gender reveal party to celebrate! Or if you are like me and two precious monkey’s is plenty, host a party for your best friend. You can purchase your party invitation exclusively in our etsy store. 

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