Addressing your Photo Christmas Cards

Addressing those cards!
Everyone loves to get hand addressed letters and cards.  But what about the 40 plus Christmas cards you want to send?  That is a lot of writing; I’d rather spend my time penning personal notes on the inside of my card.
I decided to see what the United States Postal Service had to say on the subject.  I found a nifty little section on how to properly address your letters.  
“Proper addressing is the start of effective mail delivery.” USPS
The USPS recommends that you print (with a pen or marker) or type so that the address is readable from an arm’s length away.  Make note my friends; the USPS does not want you to use commas or periods, who knew?

OK, so if I want to insure that all my friends and loved ones get my beautifully designed Christmas cards, I should probably use my computer.  
What? You don’t have your address book transferred to your computer yet?  Just do it!  You will thank yourself for many holidays to come.
Now you can certainly print your addresses directly onto your envelopes, but it’s not my preferred method.  I like my labels!  Stick in one sheet and out comes thirty labels, nice.
Not sure where to start?  It’s not difficult, just go to  On the left hand side under quick links, go to Template and Software Advisor.  They walk you through everything, easy.  
So, I have my Belle Announcements Christmas cards, my labels, and stamps (which you can purchase online from USPS). Now all I have to do is wait until December 1st.  I still have a turkey dinner to enjoy!

One thought on “Addressing your Photo Christmas Cards

  1. Jesse says:

    I had no idea that we were not supposed to use punctuation!!! I have always written City, State!! oops! Sorry postmaster. Thanks Jenna! I am enjoying your blogs!

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